Tire Repairs

A blow out is not the only problem that can strike when it comes to your tires. An object can penetrate a tire and cause a serious puncture without being detected for some time. A slow tire leak will cause a continual drop in pressure, leading to problems such as poor handling and gas mileage, or more seriously, jeopardized safety on the road.

Symptoms that your tire may have a slow leak and need repair:

  • Noticeable difference in tire shape compared with other tires
  • Deflation reoccurs soon after inflating the tire


Our expert tire repair technicians will:

  • Find the puncture
  • Prep the tire for repair
  • Insert a plug/patch into the puncture
  • Seal the patch with a tar-like adhesive


When you are in need of tire repair, trust our experienced professionals for reliable, safe, and thorough repair service. Contact us today to set an appointment for a tire repair.

Why is tire repair important?

With busy and demanding schedules, it is easy to put off tire repairs, and just continue to re-inflate a leaking tire. However, putting off fixing a tire leak may mean the difference between a quick, inexpensive repair and having to purchase a brand new tire. Driving on a compromised tire is not only unsafe, but also may aggravate the original damage. We understand that tires are a serious investment. Whenever possible, we will provide a thorough and lasting leak repair that will have you worry-free and back on the road in no time.