Shocks and Struts

Shock absorbers and struts are designed to keep the wheels in contact with the road, improving cornering and braking. Though original equipment shocks have improved in recent years, many are ready for replacement in as few as 75,000 miles.

The lifespan of a strut is about double that of a shock. Most people do not notice the gradual deterioration in ride quality and many shocks and struts are not replaced as often as they should be.

Shocks and struts should be checked every 25,000 miles or when any of these symptoms are noticed:

  • Bouncy or uncomfortable ride
  • Excessive body sway when cornering
  • Fluid leaks from the shock or strut
  • Physical damage to the shock or strut
  • Nose dive when braking
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Tail squat when accelerating

We install top quality struts and shocks. See our suspension experts for a ride control checkup today.